House Seller

My beautiful home in West LA had became rough around the edges, after being rented out to music students for 6 years, and it became time to sell as the market had recovered. Frank L’e Sanford helped me figure out the best way to use my limited repair budget to get the most important things done, that would make the house and grounds appealing to buyers. Frank even lent me $2,000 to finish the job, and helped us stage it. Introduced me to his team of great people; handyman, painter, gardener and cleaners, who were able to transform it back into the lovely home I remembered.

My first Open House was packed with 70 groups of people! I received 17 good offers, which he helped me analyse, and one really great offer for a much higher price than I ever expected. Frank’s strategy worked! His experience, hard work, personal charm and his “physiological warfare” with the buyers and their agents, all added up to the best experience for me and an extraordinary selling price.

I was very stressed just thinking about the whole process and all the things that could go wrong, but Frank kept a steady hand from beginning to end. He obviously knew exactly what he was doing. You should hire, Frank. You’ll love him.

— Kenny Wyland , House Seller